SME Development

SME development is a key priority development area of CDF’s focus. SME’s in various member States have benefited from access to low cost loans and grant facilities to finance various operations across sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, mining and construction.


The achievement of greater economic and social cohesion is central to any integration project. Cohesion is a balanced pattern of economic and social development that simultaneously promotes economic efficiency, political stability and social equity. It is typically pursued through targeting structural disparities between countries and regions, and promoting equal opportunities for all.


This area is supported across sectors to facilitate the movement of goods and people. Support to date has gone towards the construction of roads, bridges, air and sea access ways.

Sustainable Energy

Against the backdrop of the high cost of energy to Caribbean enterprises and its impact on competitiveness, the CDF has prioritized support for alternative energy sources through the provision of concessionary finance to energy efficiency projects in the private sector.  

Capacity Building

It was recognized that wealth creation is generated mainly from the productivity of labour which in turn is determined by inherited nature and nurture. In addition, ineffective and sub-optimal performance of key institutions can constrain the development of innovation and entrepreneurism. 


(INCLUDING NON-PROFIT INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS) A Manual for CARICOM Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises This manual on Mobilizing Financial and Technical Assistance ...