Mr, Lenox ForteLenox Forte is the Director of the Regional Development Division having previously served as Manager, Corporate Development and Programming. Mr. Forte is one of two staff members seconded by the CARICOM Secretariat tasked with making the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) operational.

As Director of the Regional Development Division, Mr. Forte in collaboration with Member States is responsible inter alia, for the development and implementation of the Country Assistance Programmes (CAPs). The CAP is the main instrument of the CDF in assisting CSME countries, regions and sectors overcome challenges caused by the implementation of the CSME, reduce over time the disparities between the Less Developed and More Developed countries in the CSME and accelerate recoveries after temporary adverse shocks. As Director, Mr. Forte with a staff of two Programme Specialists is tasked with the monitoring of the CAPs and is accountable to the Chief Executive Officer for the achievement of planned Programme outcomes.

Mr. Forte is an economist by training and a graduate of Columbia University in Economic Policy Management, also served with the CARICOM Secretariat and the Bank of Guyana. In addition to his CDF and CARICOM Secretariat experiences, he has lectured at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in several specialized areas of economics including the theory of public finance, development finance, public policy, labour economics and international economics at the University of Guyana. He has also lectured to senior technicians of regional central banks in the area of inter-relations among macroeconomic accounts and national economic accounting.